Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's chemistry has sent the internet into meltdown

26 April 2023, 17:20

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By Katie Louise Smith

"Either this is an expertly choreographed PR saga or Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are the messiest duo in hollywood rn."

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Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, who have just finished filming their upcoming rom-com, have got the internet in a chokehold thanks to their undeniable chemistry.

Sydney and Glen are set to appear in the R-rated Anyone But You, which sees "two college arch nemesis reunite years after graduation for a destination wedding who pretend to be a couple for their own personal reasons." Of course, in true rom-com fashion, they actually end up falling in love.

The duo have been filming in Australia for the past few months, and every time new photos of them on set (or hanging out together while they're not filming) have emerged, the timeline has lost its mind.

Now, their co-star relationship has become a massive topic of conversation and debate, thanks to plenty of unconfirmed rumours, speculation and fan anticipation.

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The internet is obsessed with Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's chemistry
The internet is obsessed with Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's chemistry. Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, via Instagram

Throughout the film shoot, photos of the two actors filming together in their swimwear, hanging around on boats and kissing on the beach have popped up. People immediately jumped online to share how excited they were to see how their natural chemistry would unfold within the film itself.

Earlier this week, a behind-the-scenes video emerged of Sydney and Glen on set, showing Glen dipping Sydney in his arms as the two of them laugh. Shortly after that, the two made an appearance at CinemaCon to present the film, with journalists in the audience noting their "flirty" rapport – something that fans have been dying to see more of from lead actors on rom-com press tours.

All of this has now done it's job and has instantly reignited the hype for the film. At the same time, it's also sparked a slew of rumours about Sydney and Glen's relationship – and people apparently have a LOT to say about it.

One user wrote: "Either Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have the greatest chemistry since Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in how to lose a guy in 10 days or they’re doing it together every weekend".

Another wrote: "[Glen] has a gf I have a stomach ache for her."

Off the back of the comments about their chemistry, rumours have started swirling around the internet about the two. Reports that Glen's girlfriend Gigi Paris has now seemingly unfollowed Sydney on Instagram have also been doing the rounds.

In response to the conversation, TMZ have reported that Sydney is still engaged to her boyfriend Jonathan Davino and "all is well between them." She is not dating Glen in real life, according to TMZ's sources.

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